Still Life / Still Living: Group exhibition featuring: Pippa El-Kadhi Brown, Alma Berrow, Clara Hastrup, Marina Woisky, Maria Livman, Bruno Moutinho, Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato, Anderson Borba, Alexandre da Cunha, Fernando Marques Penteado and Tiago Mestre.

25 March - 1 April 2023
Still Life / Still Living
Lamb Gallery, Palma, Olhão
25 March–1 April 2023 

LAMB Gallery and PALMA are pleased to present "Still Life/Still Living," an exhibition that invites viewers to witness an unconventional gathering of sculptures seated around a table, as if they were dinner guests.

The sculptures on display have been created by various artists from diverse cultural and aesthetic backgrounds, yet they share a common space in the exhibition, engaging in unexpected and intriguing conversations. Each piece is carefully placed around or near the table to create a harmonious yet unpredictable arrangement, much like the interactions between real-life dinner guests.

By creating this dynamic living environment, the exhibition explores the concept of still life in contemporary art, pushing beyond our traditional perceptions of the genre, which typically feature inanimate objects arranged in a static composition.

Featuring emerging artists Pippa El-Kadhi Brown (b. 1996), Alma Berrow (b.1992) Clara Hastrup (b.1990), Marina Woisky (b. 1997), Maria Livman and Bruno Moutinho as well as established artists Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato (1900 - 1995), Anderson Borba (b. 1972), Alexandre da Cunha, (b. 1969) Fernando Marques Penteado (b. 1955) and Tiago Mestre (b. 1975), the exhibition reflects LAMB Gallery’s ethos to encourage and develop curatorial dialogues between multi-generational artists from Latin America and Britain.