Anderson Borba (Santos, BR, 1972) is a sculptor who works primarily with wood and has been recently developing a series of painterly wall reliefs. These small-scale pieces are made of the same type of common wood that Borba uses in his freestanding sculptures; wood which he often finds in skips around his East London studio. In the wall reliefs presented in Off The Grid, he intensifies and further develops some of the techniques used in previous works: first, the found wooden pieces are shaped, then burned until they acquire a dark complexion; another stage involves pasting magazine cut-outs onto the surface - which range from images from male gay magazines, idyllic landscapes, or an image of a Georgia O’Keefe painting -, followed by carving and varnishing, until the works become something between an ancient tablet and a very unusual type of painting. Borba’s reliefs have an extremely tactile, bodily quality, something which is further enhanced by the skin-like aspect of the photographic images pasted onto the volumes.
Installation shots
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