Alexandre Canonico

In a similar way, the wall reliefs by Alexandre Canonico (Pirassununga, BR, 1974) are constantly oscillating between sculpture and painting. Borrowing his visual vocabulary and procedures from the DYI universe, Canonico is interested in exploring and complicating the relationship between pictorial surface and volume, image and thing, or representation and actuality. His reliefs are often constructed with MDF panels, which are cut and reassembled in ingenious ways that make visible the interdependency between the many parts. To the dynamics between the parts that form these jigsaw-puzzle-like arrangements, Canonico adds spray-painted colour fields that produce different vibrations on the surface, sometimes creating areas of flat colour that bring the plane forward, sometimes adding fuzzy patches of colour that insinuate a depth of field. In some cases, the edges of the cut pieces inserted in the composition form outlines that are suggestive of figurative elements, in works that have an almost cartoonish quality. Above all, Canonico’s work invites the viewer to exercise and expand their own power of perception, which can lead one to different or many directions at once.