André Ricardo & Rubem Valentim: Dialogues

26 April - 20 May 2024

Rubem Valentim (1922 – 1991), a pivotal figure in 20th-century Brazilian art, pioneered

an innovative approach deeply rooted in Afro-Atlantic histories and sacred symbology.
With his geometric paintings, Valentim synthesised elements of Afro-Brazilian religions
through abstraction, establishing an enduring visual language that transcended cultural

Influenced by Valentim’s legacy, André Ricardo (b. 1985) infuses his canvases with
a distinct vibrancy inspired by popular culture and his surroundings in São Paulo,
Brazil. Ricardo’s paintings, characterised by their clarity of colours reminiscent of early
Renaissance paintings, reflect a continuous, organic process of creation. Inspired by the
geometric precision and spiritual symbolism of Valentim’s work, Ricardo’s
speculative narratives offer a contemporary exploration of tradition and innovation.

This exhibition invites viewers to explore realms of spirituality, history, and artistic
expression in Brazil, as Valentim’s foundational vision influences Ricardo’s contemporary
exploration of identity and narrative.

The exhibition will be on display at LAMB Gallery from April 25 to May 20.
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