Back Home: Heidi Bucher, Tenzing Dakpa, Bronwyn Katz, Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato, Minoru Nomata, Alek O., Ishmael Randall Weeks, André Ricardo.

24 June - 5 August 2022
LAMB is pleased to present Back Home, a group exhibition investigating the subject of the home as a physical and metaphysical place of return. Taking as a conceptual framework two literary works, Homer’s Odyssey and Yaa Gyasi’s novel Homegoing, the exhibition addresses the trajectory to return Home as the journey of life, guided by this point of departure and arrival upon which the cycle closes. The Odyssey exemplifies an epic quest for arrival, which the hero pursues relentlessly whilst being met with the whims of Gods trying his volition to find respite. In more contemporary terms, Homegoing speaks to the larger consequences of displacement, felt across generations through the lives of a family uprooted from West Africa in the 1700’s. The novel traces the story of descendants whose conditions remain intrinsically linked to the fatalities of their ancestors. Drawing parallels to these universal narratives, the work of each of the eight presented artists distinctly interpret notions of longing and belonging rooted in their individual experiences of such.