"I firmly believe in the importance of beauty, I look for it in what I do. In a way it’s an entrance door to the piece – the key is an aesthetic emotion."


Alek O. (Buenos Aires, 1981) currently lives and works in Milan, Italy. Her practice revolves around how objects are capable of retaining their past histories in their material nature. Her process consists of taking apart everyday items such as jumpers, coins, and umbrellas, and recycling them, presenting them as handcrafted artworks. Despite the original objects disappears; their material is transformed giving a new life to what was once an abandoned object.
Hence, the objects she picks up and reuses are not represented but directly present in her practice. They have been transformed, its material has been rearranged. Despite this process is mainly determined by the nature of the object, Alek O. is in control of the composition of the pieces: she chooses the format of the canvas, the geometry, and volume of each artwork. Due to the predominant use of clean lines and simple forms, her work is usually considered to be influenced by minimalism. However, Alek O. insists that if we take a closer look at her pieces, we'll be able to see that some angles are rounded and 'vertex are bruised.' These subtle imperfections are the emotional gestures delicately presented in her practice.