Merve İşeri: Passage

7 - 30 September 2023
LAMB Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Merve İşeri.

In this body of work the artist's process begins by putting small circular stickers on the canvas to mark points of the star constellations; in this exhibition they are, aries, taurus and ursa minor. The meaning of the star constellations are not necessarily in direct correlation with the paintings' context but they provide a structure for Iseri to build her composition upon. After painting is finished, the stickers are taken away to reveal bare canvas underneath. They are holding points of the painting, the source where the initial actions are taking place. By this method Iseri is suggesting the light -stars- can be the source as well as the void.

The paintings hold no pre-sketches to guide from which gives Iseri a sense of freedom to build multi sensory images. In her painting practice sound and movement are at interplay to propose new languages for the viewer, an invitation to step into inner landscapes in the hope of merging personal and communal. There is specific intent to each mark, symbol, and pattern on the canvas, yet together in concert, they seem to dance and talk their own language. Meaning is simultaneously subverted and created as the lines and shapes converge and disperse in a symphony of sound and sight.