Continuities: 2000 Years of Textiles in Latin America

16 March - 22 April 2023
Lamb Gallery & Paul Hughes are delighted to present 'Continuities' a group exhibition spanning 2000 years of textiles in Latin America. Considered the first art form in the Andean region, textiles were vessels to convey identity and became paramount in reflecting social, occupational, and political status.
Andean textiles encompassed not only clothing items but also adornments used in outdoor and indoor spaces accompanying the communities' architecture. After the Spanish Conquest, many weavers continued producing garments, and due to colonial influences, new categories of textiles emerged in the region.
In this exhibition, we aim to highlight the impact of the pre-Colombian textile tradition on contemporary artistic production. Including artists like Norberto Nicola and mira schendel – among many others – in conversations with Andean pieces, we shed light on the formal and conceptual influence of those pre-Colombian pieces into the work of these contemporary artists.