'In Three Acts' by Emma Bjurström | 'The Time and Place that We Part' by Renata de Bonis

8 September - 1 October 2022
Lamb Gallery is pleased to present In Three Acts, Emma Bjurström’s (Sweden, 1986) first solo exhibition in London.
Taking as a point of departure the masterpieces of artists like Anders Zorn and John Singer – showcased at the National Museum in Stockholm –, Bjurström has developed a series of paintings evoking the complexity of fabrics, surfaces, and objects. It is clear, then, that what captures the artist’s attention in those portraits are the interiors rather than the sitters. In this series, Bjurström depicts several pieces of furniture: she is interested in the static qualities of the object and how that innate aspect of the piece coexists with its purpose of being used and inhabited. 


Lamb Gallery is  also delighted to present The Time and Place that We Part by Renata de Bonis (Brazil, 1984). This series of small-scaled paintings spring from her time as a resident at L21 Gallery in Mallorca in June 2022. 
During her residency, de Bonis travelled the island embracing the quietness and stillness of the environment. She was impressed by the arid landscapes and the crystalline waters, understanding that contrast as a ‘beautiful dichotomy’. She discovered the island by taking long walks and endless bus journeys, allowing time to slow down, enabling her to grasp all the nuances of the island. These observations are encapsulated in a series of paintings depicting natural and urban landscapes. The colour palette includes sandy tones and turquoise, blue shades evoking the quiet of the summer months in the Mediterranean. The oil brushstrokes are soft and slightly blurred suggesting ephemerality in those images, conveying a feeling of nostalgia.