White Flag: Showing Carla Chaim. Cave project by Ding Musa

6 July - 9 September 2017

White Flag

Carla Chaim


Project XVIII

July 6th – September 9th 2017


LAMB is pleased to present White Flag, a multi-disciplinary exhibition by Carla Chaim (b. 1983 in Brazil, Lives and works in São Paulo).


Continuing her dialogue with the Brazilian heritage of constructivist and geometric art, in this exhibition Carla Chaim shows a series of works based on the practice of non-figurative origami; she employs the folding and unfolding of paper as a process of production and as a way of transforming two dimensional support into a three dimensional object.


The centerpiece of the show, the installation White Flag sustains this practice- by employing different shades of white, Chaim simultaneously creates a united form whilst subtly highlighting the folds. The installation however, differs from her previous works in that it was conceived with the gallery space in mind. Indeed, in the work the artist plays with the idea of transforming the architectural space of the gallery’s by ‘folding the floor.’ The papers displayed have been cut in imitation of the floor plan and folded in 16 different ways.


In her lined paper works Cadernos de fluxo, Carla Chaim experiments with un-binded note paper to explore the versatility of line –with a singular fold the artist creates new linear compositions and patterns.


In Chaim’s work, the process is more important than the final result. Rules and procedures are established to create pieces. Drawings, photographs and videos more than finished products are frozen moments of action, in which the body is used as an instrument and often appears as a character. This notion of corporeality is particularly explicit in the series of photographs exhibited, in which the surface of the artist’s body emerges partially covered by the same Japanese paper as the other works. But the straight lines in these clearly do not adapt to the artist’s body in motion, and gradually give rise to crumpling. This lack of synchronicity between the artist’s body and the folds of paper, results in images in which the movements of her arms and legs are constrained by geometry.


Chaim works with drawing, sculpture, photography, video and installation. She has exhibited and participated in artist residencies around the world since 2012 in places such as Finland, Russia, Canada, Turkey, USA and Portugal.



Cave Project: Working System

Ding Musa


LAMB is pleased to present Working System, an exhibition in the cave space by Ding Musa (b. 1979 in Brazil, Lives and works in São Paulo). His works explore how photography as a visual language deals with representation in the gallery’s cave space. In this installation, the artist continues his investigation into the relationships people form with photographic images; by creating a system with bricks, mirrors and using photography to undermine the way in which we expect it to work. Indeed, he compares what’s actually real with their representations on photographic images.

Musa studied music, geography and photography in Brazil and works with digital photography, video, drawing and installation. He has worked and exhibited around the world, including Russia, Wales, Portugal, and Palestine.