I'm Rosa: A group exhibition by Mai-Britt Wolthers and Patricia Camet

25 May - 25 June 2016

LAMB Arts is proud to present I'm Rosa, a group exhibition by Patricia Camet (b. 1967) and Mai-Britt Wolthers (b. 1962) to welcome and celebrate the arrival of the summer season. Intended to be as a playful and joyful exhibition, the artists explore the feeling of serendipity drawing connections between our inner child and its presence within our contemporary time. At this purpose, pink/rosa is elevated to a metaphorical bridge connecting the memories of our childhood to our current condition of grown up humans, inevitably arguing against the common trends of our consumerist times. Both Camet and Wolthers with their ludic-like works tend to convey immediate feeling of serenity through their wide use of strong colours and definite shapes.


Nevertheless, such childish connotations are only means to draw conclusions on the situation of our mass consumerist society far away from a recycling-oriented mind and a general sense of caring towards the earth. I'm Rosa takes its name from the pink colour that has been demonstrated to have calming effects on the busiest minds. The exhibition is to be viewed and approached as a moment of apparent calm. In such atmosphere the viewer can experience the oxymoron of our fast-paced life in contrast with our inner desire of calm and serenity.