The Way We Live : A group exhibition by Kate Bellm and Edgar Lopez Arellano

14 May - 25 June 2015

LAMB Arts presents "The Way We Live", featuring a selection of photographs by Kate Bellm (b.1987) and site specific works by Edgar Lopez Arellano (b.1982). Arellano and Bellm have described the show as a "tribute" to their lives on the road for the last four years. Their collaboration began when they met on a residency in Tulum Mexico and has continued through Japan, Utah, New Zealand, Mallorca and India. Having participated in the 1st Kochin Biennial 2013 along side the tents of Francesco Clemente, the artists started ritualistically leaving site specific works or painted murals in each place they visited, as well as taking something with them in the form of photographs thus composing Bellm’s archive of work from the last 11 years.