Either Side of the Divide: A group exhibition by Fernando Otero, Tete de Alencar, Rodrigo Petrella and Ivan Cardoso

2 - 7 September 2013

Exhibition opening on Wednesday the 4th of September 6 - 9pm, located at 27 Cork St, London, W1S 3NG


LAMB arts is pleased to present its inaugural show in London, Either Side of the Divide, a group show of works by Latin American artists Fernando Otero, Tete de Alencar, Rodrigo Petrella and Ivan Cardoso. Curated by Joe Elliott.


The world we find ourselves in today is a greatly complex arena of cross-pollinating ideas, combining vast quantities of data, all immediately available for our instant consumption. Our network is no longer tied to our immediate physical surroundings, or indeed our region of birth, it is everywhere, in Sydney, Hong Kong, New York, and Dubai. But whilst the many benefits are plain to see, are we not as a result becoming more homogenized, a global nation?  And as such, is it possible or even relevant to retain our original cultural identities? Is the only approach to willingly accept and roll with the times or must we stubbornly grasp onto our histories in the hopes of preserving true cultural individuality.


Either Side of the Divide presents four artists, each illustrating an approach to globalization and the effects it has on his or her work. Whether choosing to document the wonderfully rich histories of South America directly, or tackling the complexities of overconsumption head on, a divergence in opinion is clearly apparent.  


Either Side of the Divide will be on view September 2nd, 2013 through September 7th, 27 Cork st., London, W1S 3NG. Hosted by LAMB arts and curated by Joe Elliott.

Opening hours: 10-6pm, and by appointment. 


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