James Hillman


'James Hillman's work evolves around a constant experimentation of the material form.'

James Hillman (UK, 1992) currently lives and works in Isola del Liri, Italy. Hillman's work emerges from both modern and bucolic notions of manual craftsmanship and the comparison of these with industrial mechanised manufacturing processes. The dialogue between the two sides results in the generation of images that confuse classical pictorial languages with those of industrial manufacturing and digital aesthetics. Many of the works require machines specially built in the artist's studio for their production.


Since 2014 Hillman has exhibited internationally.  With LAMB Arts in London, Impermanent Indelible, 2015, in Miami ,Untitled, 2017, in Sao Paulo, Soft Furnishing, 2019. In Italy with exhibitions such as Cult Rise, Museo Orto Botanico Di Roma, Rome, 2018, Vivere Di Paesaggio, APALAZZO Gallery, Brescia, 2021, Finetsra Episodio VI, Spazio Taverna, Rome, 2021, Twiner #8 Shiny Happy People, Ex Elettrofonica, Foro Italico, Rome, 2022 and ROMA PITTURA EMERGENTE OGGI, 21 Gallery, Treviso, 2022
As well as in Switzerland, Ipotesi Astronomiche, APALAZZO GALLERY + Villa Flor,  S-Chanf, CH, 2021 and Scotland, Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, 2020.


In addition to artistic work, he runs a production of artistic fixtures and hardware from his studio bronze foundry.