The London Exhibition Providing An Artistically-lensed Peephole Into Polari

Christina Donoghue, Show Studio, March 11, 2022

Opening to the public last month, LAMB Arts' latest exhibition courtesy of Brazilian-French art duo Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF), uses phallic like and intricately-cut sculptures to convey a poignant message, one that has roots in a variety of themes (mainly the 60s and 70s gay scene) all bound by their purpose in looking to subvert and provoke.


Although the AVAF duo have been collaboratively working since the early 2000s - a period in which their work takes great inspiration - this is the first exhibition they've paired together for in six years. Normally creating works that borrow from 90s and 00s underground subculture in Berlin and New York, Bona to Vada Your Dolly Old Eek is no different thanks to a carefully curated atmosphere that's meant to emulate the gritty world of underground clubs and private sex rooms. If one thing's for sure, the atmosphere is entirely immersive as it is suggestive.